Create thoughtful gifts through our range of leather designs, leaving a lasting impression for your company. Our bespoke leather gifts are carefully crafted to align with your corporate branding and values.

We provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution for corporate leather gifting, managing everything from design concepts to production. Our dedicated team of designers and skilled leather artisans collaborates closely to guarantee the creation of the perfect gift.

Boasting durability and a timeless aesthetic, these gifts are destined to be treasured for years, particularly when adorned with your company's logo through elegant embossing or engraving on each item.

Browse our collection for the perfect gift at your next corporate occasion!


Every authorized corporate logo undergoes personalized customization using a dedicated brass mold exclusively reserved for your corporate orders. Our in-house designers provide a precise digital mock-up, ensuring accurate scaling of the logo in relation to the product before our production team initiates mold creation.

Elevate the gift experience by incorporating the recipient's name or initials, introducing a personalized touch that enhances the overall gifting experience on behalf of your company!

Corporate Branding

When it comes to excellence, every detail counts. The ideal gift achieves its perfection with meticulous packaging that bears your corporate branding or identity. A personalized touch, such as a custom message or gift tag, serves as a thoughtful final detail.

For larger orders, a comprehensive bespoke experience is at your disposal, allowing you to create packaging from scratch, integrating your company logo, preferred color, size, and design.